Storage & Records Retention

Astro Moving & Storage offers full service logistics management, record retention, warehousing, goods storage and transportation services.

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Astro owns and operates over 33,000 square feet of warehouse space, over 10,000 pieces of moving equipment, 200 trucks and lifts, 100 employees and contractors. Astro also utilizes the resources of 700 fellow agents in every major market within the USA. Astro uses state of the art satellite tracking and technology in every long haul truck and warehouse distribution dock.
Rising employee costs, expensive office space and high-priced filing cabinets have caused businesses to outsource the storage and retrieval of their unused or little used file documentation. Astro Moving’s Storage Center has proven to be a practical solution to alleviating record management problems.

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If you are moving and your new place isn’t ready yet don’t worry, Astro Moving and Storage can provide Long Island storage facilities to protect your goods until you are ready to move in.